Saving Those Who Save Us


Firefighters everywhere will risk their lives for you and I at the ring of a bell. No questions asked. Protecting our safety is their duty.

Yet, we do very little to protect them in return. EaseAwake is focused on providing the most effective lifesaving equipment to firefighters so they can carry out their duties safely and efficiently.

Protecting their safety is EaseAwake's duty.

Let's Solve This


Deadly Stats...


What if I told you...

...that we can save the lives of those who save ours with one, simple product?

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The answer is here!

EaseAwake is a wristband that gently wakes up firefighters by vibrating before the loud, stressful alarm sounds in the middle of the night. This simple wristband will decrease firefighter stress levels and mitigate the risk of heart attack.

Product pictured is not affiliated with EaseAwake.



To create awareness for firefighters and provide the best lifesaving equipment and technology at an affordable cost.

Why Has This Not Been Done?

Most fire departments do not have the funds necessary to purchase new or experimental equipment. Typically, "less than 5 percent [of the annual budget] is allocated to discretionary spending capacity [and] that frequently covers unexpected expenses," (Knight, 2018). This leaves very little money for departments to pay for research and purchase new equipment.

EaseAwake must be affordable, leaving minimal room for profit margins. This is a large reason why no one else has done this before. However, that does not bother us. EaseAwake's goal is to make firefighters' lives safer,  and improve their efficiency so they can make our lives safer. Regardless of profit.

It is also the reason why I included a donation button below. Anything helps and everything is appreciated.

Generating Interest

Featured on WJXT News4Jax

This video features an interview with me and my dad. It highlights some of EaseAwake's benefits.

Please Support

In order to achieve this mission of providing EaseAwake to as many firefighters as possible, we must provide  products at a very low cost. 

I am hoping to raise funds in order to build a prototype and begin supplying fire departments with this life-saving equipment. 

Your contribution gives life to my dream of saving the lives of those who save YOU. Thank you.

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Hi, I'm Blake

Why I Created EaseAwake

My dad has worked as a firefighter for 15 years.

His health and safety as a first responder has always been a concern for me and I've always tried to think of ways to make his job easier and safer. 

EaseAwake - The Perfect Solution!

  • It addresses a major concern that affects every firefighter
  • Production is feasible and affordable

Thank You

I hope this site has illuminated some of the most important issues facing firefighters and convinced you of the benefits of EaseAwake.

With gratitude,


Founder, EaseAwake